lunes, 9 de enero de 2012

Un anillo para cada dedo

Y esto se está convirtiendo en una de las nuevas modas para cerrar un llok perfecto!

New Jewelry Trend: A ring for every finguer

1.- By AMT:

a) Ring a day: Set of 7 Stainless Steel Rings ($115)

b) Diamond Acrilyc Ring ($12)

c) Diamond Silver Ring (from $170 to $320) [Yelow Gold and White Gold: from $1040 to $3700] 

2.- Zadigh & Voltaire: Double ring Gaia Repossi

3.- Maison Martin Margiela: set of four rings ($480)

 4.- Left photo: Made Her Tink. Right: Jules Smith (set 10 rings $85)

5.- Visto en internet:

2 comentarios:

  1. Yes! I love them all!!! :)
    But I think the marriage one is really cool!! I stopped myself for buying it because I think the cool thing is that someone special gives it to you... ;)


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